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         and Enjoy your dog even more than you do now!

"You can Master a bridge of knowledge between the animal and the human spirit"

With Tracy Lenderink,  Master Trainer & Seminar Speaker

I'd like to share with you how to bridge the gap between you and your dog.
I'm offering Private Lessons in our home or yours.
Call 816.974.6140 for information and receive my free E-Book "Simple Dog Training Secrets of a Pro"
I'm training in Belton, MO and most of Cass County and neighboring towns like Lee's Summit, MO.


You can enjoy these Benefits:  

            • Your dog wanting and begging to please you and enjoyint it  
            • Your dog's obedience even when he is over excited or distracted
            • Having control especially when you need it most 
            • Solve any challenge
            • Interact with your dog at a higher level 
            • Delightful walks with your dog
            • A well mannored dog and friend
            • Enjoy a greater relationship with your dog 
            • A more welcomed companion and guest 
            • Be the envy of family, friends, and neighbors!

 Knowing How Dogs Think, Communicate, and Receive Communication

Will Explode your Benefits by using  your dog's instincts to:

            • Communicate to your dog much easier
            • Reduce traing time 
            • Enjoy your dog more 
            • Solve behavior problems
            • Stress free relationship with your dog
            • Your dog will enjoy you more 
            • Your dog already Loves you now he WILL Respect you too!

Call for your Free Consultation and Receive Your Free E-Book (PDF)
"Simple Dog Training Secrets of a Pro"
Help us just a phone call away!

 Use your dogs natural instincts to work for you today.

Finally have your dog WANTING and BEGGING to please you!

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                                Teaching in Dog CenterPuppy looking at dog class

                     Hey guy's can I come to class too?

                   "Simple Dog Training Secrets of A Pro"

                       It's More Than Obedience - It's a Lifestyle!

       "Tracy, we just want to say that we thank God for you!! The time that you have put into
       our dogs on the phone  and Emails is very meaningful to us. You have put your heart and soul
  into this. It is what you love and it shows."
 Frank and Debbie Casella, IL.

       How Dogs Think, Communicate, and Receive Communication

Use these aspects of your dog's instincts and it will enable you to communicate to your dog in such a way as to
reduce the amount of time it takes to train your dog.

Tracy has literally saved this young lab. Tracy has a 'bag of tricks' like no other
    trainer.... I truly believe that Tracy Lenderink is the finest dog trainer available.
    Tracy has dedicated her life to these animals and understands them on a level that is nothing
   short of amazing. she has saved him a place in our home. Thank you Tracy."
Carol Graska, Montana

Orbit loved riding our ATV!

"To be respected by your dog one must show leadership through body language, consistency,
with clarity, follow through, patience, firmness, fairness and love. 
Allow me to show you how simple this can be."

Tracy Lenderink,
Master Trainer & Seminar Speaker
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16313 Rebecca Lane
Belton, MO 64012

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